Clearing & Mulching.

Mulching is the new smarter way to safely clear around your home and firebreaks.


Mulching is much more beneficial than tree removal as it is quicker therefore a lot more cost effective.


Mulching is much more effective than burning off,  as mulch provides a nature barrier to prevent regrowth from getting through.


Tree & Stump Removal

An excavator is the only way to truly remove your entire tree and tree stump safely and completely.


From small jarrah to large redgums and karries

This is the most cost effective way of complete tree removal.


No need to employee a team of tree climbers to scale high limbs leaving you with the stump.....

Dams and Civil Works.

For all the farmers out there we can build you your ideal dam, dam walls, dam extensions......


With 20 years’ experience in dam building and cleaning all over the Great Southern including Walpole, Mt Barker, Denmark, Torbay, Albany, Elleker, Peaceful Bay, Nornalup, Rocky Gully, Pemberton and Manjimup.


As a preferred contractor for the Local Shire and Water Corporation, with lots of experience in a variety of major civil works.


As the machine has multiple attachments, including 600mm trenching bucket, 1.2 General purpose bucket, Screening bucket and tilt bucket. With access to local sand and gravel there is no job to big. 






Clear Smart & Safely

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