Below are a selection of shots taken from various sites over the last 3 months showing the wide range of jobs that can be achieved with my experience and the range of attachments that come with the machine. No job is to hard and no tree is too big. I have many referees available if you want a first have report on my capabilities.


OWNER OPERATOR - Reliable and Honest Service


As an owner operator I take pride in my excavator and compliment of attachments, especially the new mulching head. All the equipment is well maintained and services regularly ensuring maximum output for all time spent on the job. With approximately 20 years experience behind the levers around WA and overseas no job it too complicated.

FIREBREAKS - Mulch rather than Slash and Burn


You will be amazed at how cost effective mulching your firebreaks and generall clearing is rather than the traditional tecniques of pushing over and clearing is. All the mulch generated on site will provide a natural ground level barrier to stop regrowth, providing a longer lasting firebreak that will protect your property longer. With a solid mulch you can expect major firebreaks to last for 5 years rather than th eusual annual services. You do the sums and this is money in your pocket plus you are the proud owner of an abundance of mulch to spread around yout property.



MULTIPLE ATTACHMENTS - More progres at site


With equal investment the six attachments including the mulching head, tilt bucket, general purpose bucket, trenching bnucket, mud bucket and screening and rake bucket, I am able to achieve much more than most other operators in the same time with a better final product.

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